Eating is called departing.

A festive and colorful plate, decisively turned towards fusion. Places connected by a single architecture, inviting refinement and travel. From one city to another, the unity of decor transcends the idea of borders to offer a familiar setting to our guests, and landmarks for the most nomadic among them.

We haven't left the city

and yet we already dream of the delight of a desert caravanserai meal, of grilled fish on islands as small as confetti, and even farther, of rose sorbet savored beneath the orange trees in a garden of Shiraz. It's the essence of sharing that allows this vision of the East as a single, unified garden, a source of wealth and diversity.



“ Shirvan is a manifesto of innovation that brings people together and merges cultures ”

The kitchen is open and presents itself as a spectacle.

The beauty and comfort of the interior design create a tranquil atmosphere. The choice of materials and furnishings truly transports our guests on an elegant journey through the Orient. The combination of marble, wood, and leather provides both a refreshing oasis under a scorching sky and a comforting warmth in a frozen desert.

At all times, in all places, it is customary at Shirvan to feast, to gather around the same table and celebrate our profound diversity.


At Shirvan, cocktails also offer you a journey.

They are crafted by our Bartender right before your eyes. With or without alcohol, our creative cocktails are infused with the spirit of the house: imbued with spices and flavors.